Time to switch to GitHub Pages!

May 2, 2018

I know, i know, you all got super excited about the new GitHub Pages feature they announced yesterday, didn’t you!? What new feature you’re asking?

Well, they finally support HTTPS on custom domains for GitHub Pages! Here’s the corresponding blog post.


Time for me to fully switch my almost 100% static pages to GitHub since they got all that load balancing and CloudFlare stuff ready and running for free. That’s really nice.

Now’s only email left on my servers and as I don’t trust Google Suite or Microsoft´s Office 365 I’m still looking for something cheap to migrate to. So if you got any recommendations or ideas just leave me a message.

By the way cheap. If you’re looking for good and free DNS hosting you should have a look at DigitalOcean (or: refereal link - thanks for your support). There you can host almost unlimited Domains and manage them via a wonderfull REST-API or via the command line tool.

Well yeah, that’s pretty much it for my first blogpost here.